Press Release 1979

In April 2003, I got an envelope from Mr. Joseph Molina,
founder, and boss of JMPR (Joseph Molina Public Relations).
He did some PR for Stutz in the late 70's / early 80's.
Even today, he is involved in automotive PR, Lamborghini, and Bentley for example.

After I had contacted him, he searched, and he found this press-kit of 1979.

The portfolio contains 8 pages of text, dated January(!) 1979.

Page 1 (93kB)
Page 2 (90kB)

Page 3 (77kB)
Page 4 (99kB)
Page 5 (82kB)
Page 6 (105kB)
Page 7 (92kB)
Page 8 (80kB)

In addition to that, there are 5 press-photos (b/w), showing the complete model-range.

click on thumbnail to enlarge

A similar(!) photo of the Bearcat you can see here.
The photo of the Royale was used in a brochure of the Stutz-dealer of Marocco. Click here.

The most interesting new fact for me was the statement of Stutz, that there were about 350 cars built, until the end of 1978.

Stutziest thanks to Mr. Molina!

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