Volvo YCC

Volvo YCC

The YCC (Your Concept Car) had its debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2004.

Your Concept Car

According to the press release, the YCC is a car created by women for women.
The female project manager said:
"If you meet the expectations of women, you exceed the expectations of men!"
One topic on the list for the new car was:
- it has to be easy to park the car
So, that's what makes a car a car for women???

2004 Volvo YCC

O.K., reading the press-release showed some other interesting details:
The shifter for the gear-box was put next to the steering-wheel, so you will have space for notebook, bag, and various other things between the two front-seats.
The rear-seats look like seats in a cinema, because mostly they don't transport any persons, but bags, for example.
The doors open to the top, so it's easy to enter, or to leave, the B-pillar can be positioned backwards, for a better side-view, and for easier loading of the rear-compartment.

concept car YCC

The car has an parking-aid, step 1 checks if the parking space is big enough, step 2 takes over the steering, while the driver, sorry, the female driver, of course, still is responsible for brakes, speed, and front-, or rear-gear.

Prototype Volvo YCC

Car & Design 146 (May/June 2004)
(6 pages, 39 pictures)

Technical Data:
engine: 5-cylinders, 215hp
length: 440cm
width: 183cm
height: 148cm
wheelbase: 275,5cm