Stutz Auction
Ebay June 2003
(Item # 2419834587)

In June 2003, Stutz offered a unique lot of four Stutzes at Ebay!

This lot showed one of each model, that was produced by the late Stutz Company.

A wonderful opportunity to start your own Stutz-collection, but a very expensive one ;o)
So the reserve wasn't met...

I'll try to show some information about each of the cars:

1985 Blackhawk
VIN: 1G 3BN 37Y 7F 9034089

1985 Stutz Blackhawk

This white Blackhawk shows a red leather interior,
on the odometer there are only 5000 miles.
I think this car was offered by "Sunshine State's Convertible Heaven",
the last official Stutz-dealer.
They stated a mileage of about 3000 miles, back in 1996.
The car shows the last design for Blackhawks, the rear-lights are above the bumper,
the same rear design like IV-Porte, or Victoria.

1984 IV-Porte
VIN: 2G 2AN 69Y 9B 1707353

Stutz IV-Porte
Not this car, this is a file photo!!!
To see the history of this car, please, click here!

The IV-Porte, the first sedan of Stutz, that was built in a series.
It is said that only 50 cars were built.
The seller states a mileage of 2000, that means about 100 miles a year...

1992 Victoria
VIN: 1G 3AN 69Y 3CM 137108

1992 Stutz Victoria
Victoria: interior

The big brother of the IV-Porte, launched in 1984.
This Victoria, exterior color burgundy/maroon, has 12000 miles on the odometer.
This model shows more luxury for the rear passengers.
The most characteristic Stutz design-element, the fake sidepipes are missing on the Victoria.

In March 2004, I found out that this car was offered again,
please click here to see website for that car.

1988 Bearcat II
VIN: 1G 2AW 8764EN 242261

Bearcat II

Only 13 cars were produced.
The very last Stutz model was a completely new one,
based on a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am,
showing a body made of carbon-fiber.

In March 2004, I found more pictures of the car, please click here.

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