Stutz Bearcat II (1988)
1G 2AW 8764EH 242261

One of only 13 Bearcat II cars ever built,
this car is based on a 1984 chassis.

The first time I saw this car for sale was in an extraordinary auction at Ebay,
when four different Stutz models were offered.

In November 2007, the car was listed in an auction at Palm Springs, CA.

In November 2016, the car was offered, again, still owned by the Stutz Motor Company.

The interior:

In October 2017, Mr. A. Joldersma from The Netherlands took the chance and bought it, and added also the last Blackhawk to his collection.
So he is, for the moment, the last entry on the Stutz-Owners-List. Congratulation!

In November 2018, I had the chance to see this Bearcat II in person:

An amazing beauty!

To get the car street-legal, the indicators had to be changed.


The most amazing detail is the paint-job, which allows to see the carbon-structure of the body,

here on the trunk...

This Bearcat II was on display at the Stutz Special Exhibition at Retro Classics Cologne 2018!

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