Stutz Bearcat 1985
# 1G 3AN 37Y 6DM 779504

Bearcat, 1985

These pictures show a very rare, and fascinating Stutz.


Lori Giersdorf was the first owner, who resold the car in 1987.


On this picture you can see the two parts of the targa-top.

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Mr. Chuck Davis was the second owner of this wonderful car.
In October 2001, the car was auctioned.

owned by Chuck Davis

Here you can see the soft-top behind the roll-bar.

now we are open

The tops have been removed again, I'd like to take a seat...


wonderful interior, but wrong side...

interior 2

that's better!

Mr. Giersdorf owned, next to this Bearcat, also a beautiful Stutz Victoria.

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