1988 Stutz Bearcat II
1G 2FS 2185HL 215330


This Bearcat II came to Germany, back in 1993.

Stutz Bearcat II

Most likely, it was sold at "Sunshine State Convertible Heaven", at that time the last "official" Stutz dealer.


In an inventory list of December 1993, and in one of April 1996,
they stated two pearl-white cars sold in 1993, one with a cream interior,
the other with a tan interior.

1988 Bearcat II

So, this car was in Germany for 15 years, before I found out...


Thanks for the photos, and information to
Marcus Keller from www.comco-classic-cars.de, located at Duesseldorf, Germany.


These photos were taken, just before the car was put in his OFFICE!


In April 2008, I got the following photos from G. Sparenberg:

Stutz in office

The Bearcat II is now located in the office,

Bearcat II in office

so the car will stay a low-mileage-car...


A look at the dashboard,


the original interior,

Bearcat II interior

pure luxury, as in every Stutz.

In August 2008, Arne Bayer sent me additional photos, showing the car with closed top:

This Bearcat II will be part of the Stutz Special-Show at Retro Classics Cologne!

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