Stutz Blackhawk 1971
Hardtop Conversion

1971 Stutz Blackhawk

This Blackhawk looks quite similar to all the other 1971 Blackhawks.

Stutz Blackhawk Hardtop

The position of the headlights is closer to the radiator-grill, like they are on Elvis' prototype,
but these lights are the original ones!


Even the side-view does not show any suspicious details,
just the two-tone color I haven't ever seen on any 1971 Stutz.

1971 Blackhawk Conversion

The rear-view: this car shows some interesting details!
The top seems to be separated from the body, and the rear,
something is different...

Stutz Blackhawk Conversion

The real Stutz-enthusiast will have recognized the difference:
The spare-wheel is surrounded by metal, so the wheel is not some sort of a bumper,
like on all other 1971 Blackhawks.

Stutz Blackhawk Convertible

And here it is: The top was removed!
It's not the best photo, but the only I have.
The car looks great!
Have a look at the Exner-Bugatti, and you will see that the shape of this Stutz is very similar.


The interior photo, a little blurry, but showing an interesting interior,
specially the seats are different to other early Blackhawks.


The trunk, with the additional metal around the spare-wheel,
I think this was made, because the car needed an additional crossbeam,
due to the loss of stability caused by the removed top.


And here, the last photo, showing the engine.

Thanks to Richard Rhoades for the photos!

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