Stutz Blackhawk 1974
2K 57Y 4P 211740

Stutz Blackhawk

In July, 2001, I discovered this car for sale, but I wasn't able to get in contact with the seller, Mr. Bryan Lamp.

In April 2002, I got in contact with the new owner, Bjørn Granheim, from Norway.

interior view

In an old Swedish car-magazine, he saw an article about a Stutz Blackhawk, and about two months later he was the proud owner of the car, which is shown on this website...

luggage compartment

The car was preowned by Mr. Bryan Lamp, who bought the car from the estate of Mr. Louis Lopyan, about one year before.
M. Lopyan owned this car since about 1994.
In 2012, Mr. Lamp bought a Stutz, again, a 1972 Blackhawk.

During the last few years, Bjorn restored, and modified the Blackhawk.

Very interesting: he put disc-brakes on his car!

Here the disc-brakes, and the suspension of the front axle.

The restored chassis, and renewed exhaust system.

And here the disc-brakes on the rear axle.

In September 2006, Bjorn Granheim's Stutz met the 1975 Blackhawk, owned by Johannes Narum.

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