Stutz Blackhawk 1977
# 2K 57K 7P 231950

Stutz Blackhawk

Have a look at the wheel-covers.
I haven't seen this kind before...

1977 Blackhawk

1977 Stutz


B. Chiego sold this car in 2001.

Blackhawk, 1971 and 1977

And a rare picture, showing two Stutzes. See the difference!
More pictures of the early 1971 Blackhawk

two 1977 Blackhawks

Some other pictures, showing two Blackhawks...

Lincoln and Stutz

In late 2002, I got these pictures from Ron Swartley, who had the chance to visit the new owner.

Mr. Frye and Mr. Swartley

James D. Frye (left), Ron Swartley, and the two Stutzes.

black and red

Beautiful location!
Beautiful cars!!!

not Graceland

Mr. Frye sold this Stutz, last seen on Ebay in May 2013.
But he has a new one:

1974 Blackhawk

To see the website about the red Blackhawk, please, click here

red 1977 Blackhawk

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