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Diatto 8V Zagato
Geneva 2007

Diatto script

At the Geneva Motor Show 2007, Zagato showed the reincarnation of the Diatto.

Diatto front

Diatto, an old Italian manufacturer of cars was founded back in 1905, but the grandfather of the founders established a company back in 1835, based on a patent for a "improved" wheel, building carriages etc.

Diatto 8V

In 1905, the automobile history of Diatto begun.
Within a few years, Diatto was a well-known name, successful in races, selling cars even to the royal family of Italy.

Diatto 8V by Zagato

In 2005, two car-collectors had the idea to revive the name, celebrating the 100th birthday.
Zagato was chosen for the design.

Zagato Diatto

Only two cars were built, the other one is blue, and shows a slightly different radiator.

Diatto Zagato

So there is another Revival car,
next to the actual cars of Bugatti, and Maybach, there were some other tries to revive great names of the automobile history,
like Isotta-Fraschini, Bizzarrini, Jensen, or Healey, just to name a few.
All these revivals started back in the 60's, with some designs of Virgil Exner.
The Duesenberg project failed, but Stutz was quite successful.
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