Russo-Baltique logo
Russo-Baltique Impression
Geneva 2007

Russo-Baltique model 1

Russo-Baltique, a Russian car company was originally founded in 1907.

Russo-Baltique model 2

They only stayed in business for about 10 years.

front view

To celebrate the 100th birthday, the name was revived, creating an extraordinary car.

Russo-Baltique Impression

The car, named Impression shows a unique design, with a lot of classic design elements.


Covered rear-wheels, and "suicide"-doors, just to name two.


The car is powered by a Maybach V12 engine, so the car has a lot of power.

Russo-Baltique, 2007

The plan is to start the production, soon,
at a price of 1.5 million Euro per car...


Another Revival car on the market, next to Bugatti, and Maybach.
People tried to revive Isotta-Fraschini, Bizzarrini, Jensen, or Healey, but with no success.
Back in the late 60's, there was the first successful rebirth of a great name in automobile history.
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