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Stutz Duplex 1971
# 276579 P 364856

1971 Duplex

This Duplex is for sale, by Vintage Motors. (Click to see more pictures)


In August 2004, I had the chance to see this very first four-door-model of Stutz.

1971 Stutz Duplex

The Museum shows a lot of other interesting cars, for example the Iso-Rivolta Varedo,
but, of course, the Duplex was the most interesting car.


Unfortunately it was impossible to get the car out of the museum, I would have liked to take some pictures at daylight, but it was no problem to open the hoods, or doors.

interior 1

The interior shows a lot of details that you can't find in any other Blackhawk.
Have a look at the position of the shifter!

interior 2

A very interesting detail was the plate with the VIN:


The date of manufacturing isn't stated, but it names, next to the VIN the color: MAROON!
Well, today, the car is white, but we saw a maroon Duplex on a sales-sheet.

But why did Stutz state the color?
Were there some more Duplex-cars???
If there was only one, so this car has belonged to George Norman...

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