George Norman, jr.
Salt Lake City

When I searched for the first owner of a 1971 Stutz Blackhawk,

Bengt Dahlgren's Stutz

today located in Sweden, owned by Bengt Dahlgren, I was told that it once belonged to George Norman, jr.

In September 2003, I found an interesting court-decision of early 1977.
It was stated that Mr. Norman had problems with the assessment, back in 1973.
So several cars were seized, a Jaguar, two Rolls-Royce, and three Stutz!
Two models of 1971, and one of 1972.
Two cars were sold, later. These cars were located in the Los Angeles area.
The Stutzes were financed by Murray First Thrift, and they got the money.
One was stated to be a a tan two-door Stutz, perhaps the car that is now located in Sweden.
The other car was stated as a four-door burgundy Stutz.
I think we have a photo of that car:

Stutz Duplex

The court-decision mentioned also another Stutz, which was located in a cottage,
and that car wasn't seized.

According to another Internet-file, Norman disappeared in 1973, he was fugitive.
In November 1996 (!), 23 years after the cars were seized, he was arrested.
It was told that he lived under the name of his wife's dead grandfather, being worth $50-Million.

So we are not surprised not to find his name on the original owners-list,
issued by the Stutz company...

In 2007, I got in contact with Paul Page.
He owned a 1971 Blackhawk, that was definitely owned by Mr. Norman.

Don Hamrick's Stutz

He told me that the car won the Utah Concours d'Elegance, back in 1972,
and he sent me a photo of the home of George Norman, too.

George Norman's house

In February 2008, he allowed me to show the second 71 Blackhawk, preowned by George Norman, too.

Paul Page's Stutz

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