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Stutz IV-Porte 1981
#2N 69RAX 101399


In August 1981, this car was sold at O'Gara Coach Company,
the official Stutz dealer in Beverly Hills, California.

Stutz IV-Porte

Mr. Schuster, a German, run a company in the USA,
about 6 months later, the car was exported to Germany.


In late 2004, the car was offered for sale, just showing one (low quality) photo.

1981 Stutz Sedan

It took me more than a year, to see the IV-Porte myself.
Finally, in early 2006, I was able to take some pictures.


The original sales-document, signed by Mr. James D. O'Donnell himself.


The dark blue of the car needs a repaint,

1981 IV-Porte

due to a plastic cover, which ruined the original paint-job.

side-view II

The interior is almost like new.


No wonder, the car has only 4000 miles on the odometer!


The passenger seats..., like new!

passenger compartment

The engine, standard GM.


Sportwagen-Engel sold the car in May 2009,
the new owner, Mr. Rolf Loebig, had some interesting cars in his collection,
for example this Felber-Ferrari, a unique car, created by Swiss coachbuilder Felber.

photo taken at the 2006 Oldtimergala, Schwetzingen

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