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1965 Bugatti

Bugatti tried a comeback after WWII with a modified chassis of the type T57.
The new model, called "T101" had a 3257ccm engine. The supercharged version "T101C" (C=Compresseur) had about 200hp.

Bugatti built only 6 chassis, the very last one (#101506) was sold to Exner in 1961 for $2500.

At Ghia the chassis was shortened 46cm and the bodywork with the design of the Bugatti Revival Car was met on it with some minor changes.

The car was presented at Turin 1965.

After several years Exner sold the car to Thomas Barett III, after that it was sold to Irving Tushinsky. The Blackhawk Collection bought it about 1984 from an anonymous owner and sold it later to William Lyon, the current owner.