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Stutz Motor Car of America

 In August 1968 James D. O'Donnell incorporated the new "Stutz Motor Car of America".

The New Yorker Investment Banker discovered the design of Virgil M. Exner, and decided to realize the car.

In 1969 the prototype was built by Ghia in Torino, Italy.

In January 1970 the car had its debut at the "Waldorf Astoria Hotel".
The car was based on a Pontiac Grand Am, later on the Chevrolet Camaro.

In August 1970 Elvis Presley bought the first production car.
The car was shown in a TV-Show, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley were guests and both of them wanted to buy the car. The dealer wanted to sell the car to the first of both who could pay the money cash. Elvis was first and Frank Sinatra never bought one...

The Stutz Company released a list of famous owners, here are some of them:

Elvis Presley (4 cars), Dean Martin (3), Sammy Davis, jr., Isaac Hayes, Muhammad Ali, Debbie Reynolds, Lucille Ball, Kenny Rogers, Dick Martin, Shah of Iran, Evil Knievel, Elton John, Curd Juergens, Willie Nelson and Thomas H. Heard

The model range:
the Coupé, called Blackhawk
the Convertible, that's the Bearcat
the Limousines, that means IV-Porte, Victoria, Diplomatic Sedan and Royale
the Chevrolet Suburban Conversion, that means Bear, Gazelle and Defender

Stutz produced, according to the swiss         (I got also these numbers,
"Automobil Revue Katalog":                       but I don't know the source

1973    50                             (75)
1974    10 (estimated)
1975    ??                             (31)
1976    70                             (55)
1977    70                             (50)
1978    50                             (50)
1979    48                             (60)
1980    50                             (60)
1981    45                             (45)
1982    50                             (50)
1983    40
1984    20
1985    20
1986    20
1987    11
1988    00