Evel Knievel


Purchased Stutz after Snake River jump as gift for himself

In a press-release from about 1976, Stutz made the above statement.

#2K 57Y 4P 162511

Knievel and his Stutz

"The Auto Collections" tried to auction this car in 2001.
In 2002, the car was bought by John Palermo,
and in 2007, he decided to offer the car for sale, again.
If you are interested in buying, please contact John at 863-699-0390.

Knievel's Blackhawk

Mr. Knievel owned also the following car:

It's not a Bearcat, that model was introduced in 1979, showing a roll-bar.
This car is a converted Blackhawk, called "D'Italia"
Later, this car was repainted, and sold to Wayne Newton.

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