2nd Oldtimergala 2006

Most cars came directly from the Monteverdi-Museum, at Basel, Switzerland.

Monteverdi 375L 2+2, 1970

A very limited production was started by Peter Monteverdi, back in the 70's.

The engines came from Chrysler.

Back in the70's, it was "modern" to build small series of exclusive cars.
There was no production of chassis anymore, and the coachbuilders had disappeared.
But there were some persons, creating small car companies, to sell their creations to the "rich and famous".

Monteverdi 375L, 1970

The mechanical parts normally came from the big three American car-manufacturers, Chrysler, GM, and sometimes Ford.

Next to Monteverdi, there were some other names, like Iso, Bizzarrini, Facel-Vega, Intermeccanica, Bitter, or... STUTZ!

Monteverdi 375S, 1968

Based on the normal 375, the founder of thze company built this 4-door-sedan for his personal use.

The fastest sedan of the world, 35 years ago, with a top speed of 250km/h...

Monteverdi 375/4, 1970

Peter Monteverdi liked the idea of adding a convertible to his model-range, but only two cars were built.
After the oil-crisis, the time wasn't good for high performance cars, and convertibles without roll-bars...

Oh, they are soooooo unsafe!
But they are also soooooo beautiful!!!!

Monteverdi Palm Beach Cabriolet, 1975

The very first supersportscar of the world.

The design was a revolution, and the technical details, too.

Originally, there were only two cars, several years later, Monteverdi let build two additional cars, including this one, which is normally displayed at the museum.Ursprünglich wurden nur zwei Fahrzeuge gebaut, einige Jahre später wurden noch zwei Repliken gebaut.

Dieser Wagen ist einer dieser späten Modelle, wurde an der Oldtimergala jedoch als 1970er Modell ausgegeben.
Das Fahrzeug ist enorm beeindruckend, war der Supertrumpf in den Autoquartetten der 70er Jahre.
Man hätte durchaus dazu stehen dürfen, dass es sich um eine Replik handelt, das Auto wäre genauso bewundert worden.
Zumal es sich hierbei um eine wirkliche "Replik" handelt. Die zwei Nachbauten wurden von Peter Monteverdi in Auftrag gegeben, es sind also nicht irgendwelche Fälschungen.

Monteverdi Hai 450SS, "1970"

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