Pininfarina BLMC 1100 / 1800
designed by Paolo Martin

In 1967, Pininfarina presented a revolution in car design, the BMC 1800.

Based on the Leyland 1800 it showed a design that inspired Citroen GS, and CX, as well as Lancia Beta, Alfa-Romeo Alfasud, and of course the Rover 3500 (SD1).

The car made its way into production... of Matchbox.
British Leyland wasn't interested to produce a modern car...

Later, Paolo Martin worked on the smaller version, the Pininfarina/BLMC 1100.

Same concept, very aerodynamic, with a lot of space for the passengers.

At the 2005 International Motor Show of Frankfurt, I had the chance to see the car.

The grandfather of all the modern hatchback-cars.

Imagine, the Citroen GS was presented 1971, four years after the presentation of this concept-car.

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