Dino sketches
Pininfarina Ferrari Dino 206C Competizione
designed by Paolo Martin

Paolo Martin's Dino


In 1967, this concept car was presented by Pininfarina.


Dino 206C Competizione

Paolo Martin created a sportscar that influenced a lot of later designs.

Pininfarina Dino, 1967

The car is named Dino, because it showed a 6-cylinder-engine,
not enough to be a Ferrari.

Paolo Martin's 206 Competizione

The name 206 means 2-litre-6-cylinder-engine, typical for Ferrari.
Later the engine was used in cars like Dino 206GT, Fiat Dino, and Lancia Stratos.

Pininfarina Dino

Interesting spoilers at the front, and rear.

Dino 206 Competizione

Made for competition, the dashboard.


And here's the engine.


These photos were taken at the Geneva Classics 2006.
Thanks to Paolo Martin for additional pics and sketches.

Octane 63, September 2008
(7 pages, 12 photos)

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