Modulo sketch
Pininfarina Ferrari 512S Modulo
designed by Paolo Martin

Modulo design

At the Geneva Motorshow of 1970, Pininfarina showed this breathtaking concept-car, designed by Paolo Martin.

Pininfarina Modulo

When you have a look at the front of this car, you will be disappointed to see a real UFO...

Ferrari Modulo

The ultraflat body was put on the chassis of a Ferrari 512S-racer.

Paolo Martin's Modulo

You have to be very sporty to enter the car...

Modulo 512S

The side-view shows that all wheels are covered by the body.

PF Modulo

Back in 1970, the car was black, later the prototype was recolored.

Modulo rear

You almost have to lie down, to get that rear-view.


The interior, concentrating on the basic instruments, no luxury.

Paolo Martin design

Thanks to Paolo Martin for additional sketches.

Modulo stamp
stamp from Congo, featuring the Pininfarina Modulo

These pictures were taken at the Geneva Classics 2006.

Modulo model

Today, a model in scale 1:43 is available.

model of Modulo

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