Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este 2012


On Friday, May, 25th, I visited Cernobbio, to have a look what cars will be on display...

What's here in the picture?
In front a Ferrari 250LM, the green car is the Sagitta, the car #49 is a Moretti, behind that is a Lamborghini Miura SV/J, next to it the new Series 6 sedan.

Unfortunately, Iwasn't allowed to be there on Saturday, but the preview on the following websites shows that the organizers put some interesting cars together for a great Concours D'Elegance.

Coming from the Petersen Museum (the Stutz-fans know that they have Wayne Newton's Stutz D'Italia on display):

The phantastic Rolls-Royce Phantom I with round doors!

And there were some new Rolls-Royces there, too:

I counted 11 new Rolls-Royces (only 9 in this picture), 6 Ghosts, 2 Phantom, 2 Phantom DHC, and 1 Phantom Coupe.

But of course, there were some BMWs on display, too:

On Sunday, I took more than 1000 photos, some of them can be seen on the following websites.
I have tp admit that I didn't find to write any textes, so be patient, and come again.

I also have to add some more websites, one for the BMW exhibition at the Pavillon, concentrating on race-cars from BMW.

Another website will feature the "bubble cars", an interesting collection of small cars, like the BMW Isetta.


I'm not interested in motorbikes, but I took some pics of the motorcycle concours, too.

And celebrating the presentation of the Zagato-BMW Coupe, there were a couple of interesting Zagto-bodied cars there, too:

Enjoy the photos!

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Graceful Open Air-Style
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Interpretations of Elegance
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The Art of Streamlining
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Little Jewels
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Stars of the Rock'n'Roll Era
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The Ferrari 250 Dynasty
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La Dolce Vita
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Gentleman's Sports Cars
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Heroes of Le Mans
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BMW Special Exhibition
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