Stutz Bearcat II
#1G 2FW 21F9HN 205696

This Stutz Bearcat II is based on a Pontiac TransAm GTA, built in 1988.

photos by Dr. D. Sgroi

In 1992, Dr. D. Sgroi bought it from Mr. J. O'Donnell, the founder of the new Stutz company.

Bearcat II

The car was sold through Sunshine State's Convertible Heaven.


In 1992, the seller stated an original mileage of 160!


In August 2000 the car was offered for sale with a mileage of only 900.

The car was sold in September 2001 to a group of car-dealers,
they wanted to establish a car museum.

Please have a look to a Bearcat II with almost identical VIN!

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