Stutz VIN

Stutz Blackhawk / "Bearcat Coupe" 1977
# 2K 57K 7P 159754

Bearcat Coupe

In August 2007, I was contacted by Rick Gregory, who told me that his father-in-law bought a 1977 Stutz, back in 1982.

Stutz Bearcat Coupe

The Stutz was preowned by Crown Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia!

Bearcat door scripts

The surprising fact was, that Mr. Gregory was speaking of a 1977 Bearcat, not Blackhawk.
Stutz-fans know that the Bearcat is a Convertible, launched in 1979.

Bearcat radiator logo

But the insignias tell something different.
My guess was that the Bearcat scripts were added later, in 1979, or even later, but before 1982.
Perhaps to "update" the car.

Bearcat under the hood

But even under the hood is the Bearcat logo, so it might be original. Interesting...

The "Bearcat Coupe" is for sale, please contact Mr. Gregory, if you are interested.

door plate

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