Jules Meyers' envelope

"Jules Meyers"-letter

stamp on back of photos

This interesting item was written by Jules Meyers, sent to Rick Lenz.

Jules Meyers' letter

Next to the letter, which didn't contain a lot of information, there were 5 press-pictures included.

Dean Martin with Stutz Blackhawk

One shows Dean Martin,

Sammy Davis with Stutz Blackhawk

one shows Sammy Davis, Jr.

Jules Meyers with Stutz Blackhawk

Another one shows Jules Meyers himself, standing next to a 1972 Blackhawk.

1972 Stutz Blackhawk

Another shot of the car, this time without Mr. Meyers.

1972 Stutz Blackhawk, rear-view

The last picture shows the rear of a different 1972 Blackhawk,
interesting to see the spare-wheel-cover.
All these cars still show the Firestone-LXX-tires.

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