Model 1:43
1971 Stutz Blackhawk "Ex George Norman", by PremiumX

One of the first models of the 1971 Stutz Blackhawk that were released by PremiumX was a model of the Ex George Norman car.

The model is silver over very-dark blue, in my opinion the blue is to dark.

The modelmakers even put a Utah-plate on the car!

Here you can see the blue dashboard.

real car

On these two pics you can see one detail that is wrong on the model, the original car has no sidemarker-light under the front-bumper.

The LXX-tires were changed into a shining chrome-version, not similar to the original, but I have to admit that this looks good...

Here you can see the biggest problem with the model.
The spare-wheel is way to high...

The proportions are quite good, and over all the model is a real great addition to every Stutz-Collection.

The door-handles are slightly to big, compared to the real ones, perhaps a printed version would have been the better idea.

Here a picture in front of a Mercedes 600 Pullman limousine.

And here you can see the George Norman car in front of a model of car #7, which is an early one, and so that one really has the sidemarker-lights under the front-fender.

see the real 1971 Blackhawk