Geneva Motor Show 2007
Part 2
New Concept Cars

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Bertone presented a new Barchetta, based on a Fiat Panda.
Celebrating 95 years of Bertone, Bertone showed a 1947 Barchetta, based on a Fiat 500 at Geneva, too (have a look here)

GM Chevrolet showed the rebirth of the Camaro.
A very retro-looking design, in my opinion not as fascinating as the Ford Mustang, but quite nice.

Chevrolet Sequel
2005, GM presented the Sequel fuel cell car, at Geneva the car had its European première, and is now a rolling prototype.

Citroën showed the C-Métisse,
a very flat, and sporty 4-door with interesting design-elements.

Dodge showed the Demon concept car.
Aggressive looking competitor to the Pontiac Solstice / Opel GT?

EDAG presented the LUV.
It seems to be a new trend, to show some wooden parts on cars. The Woodies are back...
LUV stands for Luxury Utility Vehicle.
The LUV is based on a Brabus powered Mercedes GL-class.

Fioravanti Thalia
An idea for a station wagon with more space for the backseaters.

Ford Iosis X
Finally, Ford will enter the European market of SUV-cars.

Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept
This Japanese prototype of a small, and sporty hybrid sportscar was developped at the German Honda center.

Hyundai Qarmaq

ItalDesign Vad.Ho
Powered by a BMW V12 hydrogen-engine the Vad.Ho shows an interesting design.
Some people may remember the Aztec of 1988, which put the driver already in an aeronautical cockpit, today, with the drive-by-wire-technology the steering wheel is removed, and the car will be driven by two joy-sticks.
The Corvette-like rear design shows a G as middle-brakelight, standing for Giugiaro, the founder of ItalDesign.
The name Vad.Ho, by the way, is a play on words.
Vadò is the name od the industrial area, where ID is located,
and "vado" means "I go" in Italian, so Vad.Ho says "I go on H(ydrogen)".

Daihatsu D-Compact X-Over
Daihatsu asked ItalDesign for the design of a compact crossover car.
ID created a small car, featuring a windshield-roof-combination, so the driver can feel like he is in a convertible.

An interesting off-road vehicle, designed by students of the IED, built at CeComp.

Jaguar C-XF
New ideas at Jaguar, finally the retro-design is definitely over.
Unfortunately you can see that Jaguar is placed between Ford and Aston-Martin.
In my opinion, the design is getting better, but they have to find an own style...

A motorcycle with four wheels, ultra-light, and powerful.

Lada C
In September 2006, Lada presented a Sedan, named Project C, at the Moscow Motor Show.
At Geneva, they showed the prototype of 3-Door Hatchback, based on the same C-class platform.
According to Lada the "C" on this model stands for C-Class, for Concept car, and for Coupe.
The design is aggressive, and sporty, the style of Lada in the near future?

Mazda Hakaze
Designed at Frankfurt, Germany, the European Design Centre of Mazda, the Hakaze shows natural flow lines,
Mazda calls that the design language Nagare.
The Hakaze combines a compact hatchback with a SUV, including a retractable top for roadster-like driving experience.

Magna Steyr Future Line
A new idea for a multi-functional roof.

Opel GTC Concept
Opel claims in the press-release for the GTC, that the car shows a new design-language for the Opel brand.
Well, in my opinion, the rear design is just the normal Opel-standard, if you compare it with the Astra, or the new Corsa.
The front shows some new vertical air-intakes, but every concept car has to show some untypical/new design elements.
If you reduce the concept to a street-legal car, you will get a nice, modern, but almost boring new Calibra, or Manta.

Peugeot Spider 207
This Spider will race in a special series.

Peugeot 908 HDi FAP
Designed to drive at LeMans.

Peugeot 207SW Outdoor
Completing the 207-family.

Renault Koleos

Rinspeed Exasis
A transparent model from Rinspeed.

Sbarro Crosser
A three-axles Pickup version from Sbarro, who was very active, presenting a lot of new cars at the Geneva Motor Show.

Sbarro Assystem City Car
Sbarro created a body for the Assystem, a little strange...

Citroën Atlante Des Neiges
Sbarros idea for a shuttle-bus for skiers.

Various other creations by Sbarro

Seat Freetrack
Seat presented the first crossover, based on the Altea XL, the Freetrack is able to go off-road.

Stola presented the prototype of an exclusive low production car.
Obviously inspired by the Maybach Exelero, which was built at Stola.
Stolas own design isn't based on a Maybach, but on a Mercedes-Brabus platform with V12-6.3-liter engine, with 750hp.

Suzuki Splash

Toyota FT-HS
FT-HS means Future Toyota - Hybrid Sports, Toyota wants to have a hybrid powered car even in the sportscar-segment.
There are some design similarities to the Lexus prototype (which you can see on the website for the old prototypes).

The Toyota Hybrid X, a new idea for a hybrid powered car.

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