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May, 24th, 2013: added first photos to Class A to P
May, 29th, 2013: added photos to Motorcycle Concours
May, 30th, 2013: added website "60 Years of Corvette"
May, 31st, 2013: added website for Rolls-Royce Exhibition
June, 1st, 2013: added photos of the RM auction
June, 2nd, 2013: added photos to Pavillon Villa Erba (90 Years of BMW Motorrad)
                          added / renewed photos on websites for Class A to H
June, 3rd, 2013: added / renewed photos on websites for Class I and P
Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este 2013

Here a little preview...

The photos were taken on Friday, the registration day, so most of the cars were parked at the most exciting parking lot.
More pics, and of course more info to come, during the next few days...

For the moment: just enjoy the pics!


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