European Concours D'Elegance
Schwetzingen 2002
Class A
Veterans and Edwardians
open / closed Automobiles
pre 1918

1895 Armstrong
1895 Armstrong Buggy
Chairman of the Judges Award

1898 Benz
1898 Benz Velo Comfortable

1900 Grout
1900 Grout Queen Stanhope E
2nd of class

1907 Ford
1907 Ford Model N Runabout
Most Elegant American Car

1908 Opel
1908 Opel 6/12 Double Phaeton

1908 De Dion Bouton
1908 De Dion Bouton BG98 Convertible

1909 Rolls-RoyceSilver Ghost Roi de Belge
1909 Rolls Royce 40/50 Silver Ghost "Roi de Belge"

Silver Ghost AX201
Showing the same kind of bodywork, the best known Silver Ghost, which was also exhibited at Schwetzingen.

1911 Ford
1911 Ford Model T Tourer

1912 Hudson
1912 Hudson Mile a Minute Sport
3rd of class

1913 Detroit
1913 Detroit Electric Brougham

1917 Benz
1917 Benz 8/20 Sports Tourer
Haute Couture Trophy

no photos:
1912 Mercedes Posen 10/20 Phaeton Erdmann & Rossi 1st of class
1914 NSU 5/15 Weinsberg Sport Roadster
1914 Simplex No 5 Crane Roadster

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