European Concours D'Elegance
Schwetzingen 2002

Schwetzinger Schloss

On July, 6th & 7th, the 2nd European Concours was held at Schwetzingen (near Heidelberg), Germany.
The weather was not that bad, than in 2001.


Unfortunately they didn't so much public-relation work,
so there were more visitors than last year, but this event needs moooore support.

Each year, a marque will be honored.
The first event featured Mercedes,
this year, the honored marque was Bentley,
and there were a lot of these cars!


But there were also a lot of Rolls-Royce cars, formerly the "sister-make" of Bentley.

Piccadilly Roadster

And you were also able to see a lot of another British car company, Aston-Martin.

Aston-Martin Atom

At Schwetzingen, not only the participants of the Concours showed interesting, beautiful cars.
Some companies took the chance to present dreamcars, too.

Bentley had about 20 to 30 actual cars, for test-driving.
Unfortunately only for potential buyers, so I wasn't invited...

Bentley Azure Blue Label
Rolls-Royce Corniche

Bentley showed also the actual range of production cars on the area of the Concours.

The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost "AX201" was there, and the actual race-car of Le Mans 2002.

Bentley Le Mans

Spyker, the sportscar-manufacturer from the Netherlands presented, again, their cars.
Even the brandnew production car "Double-Twelve" was there.

Spyker Double-12

C.F. Mirbach, a restoration-company, and dealer for special interest cars showed some cars, which he has in stock.
I think they were not the cheapest ones...

Mercedes 500K

Following, a list of the different classes, that were presented at the Concours:
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Class A
Veterans, and Edwardians, pre 1918, open or closed

Class B
Vintage, 1919 - 1930, open or closed

Class C
Post Vintage Thoroughbred, 1931 - 1945, opened or closed

Class D
European Sports/Racing, 1920 - 1970

Class E
Mercedes 300SL 50th Anniversary

Class F
Grand Tourisme/Sports Car 1945 - 1970

Class G
Aston-Martin, 1927 - 1970
Lagonda, pre 1965

Class H
Special Coachwork, pre 1939

Class I
Special Coachwork, 1945 - 1970

Class J
Honoured Marque Bentley, 1920 - 1970

Part 1
Cricklewood Cars

Part 2
Derby Cars

Part 3
Crewe Cars

Class L
Totally Original Unrestored Cars, pre 1970

Meguiar's Best in the World Entries

Some of the cars will be presented on additional websites,
showing more photos, and telling more facts.

All photos on these websites were taken by me, they are copyrighted!
Please, don't use them on other homepages, or any other publications.
If you are interested, please send an email.

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