European Concours D'Elegance
Schwetzingen 2001

On July 7th and 8th, near Heidelberg an event took place, which will try to compete with the Concours at Pebble Beach.

Well, the cars will be able, but the weather? Never!!!
Hopefully the next Concours won't show so stormy and rainy days than we had in 2001...

So, hopefully, we will see more visitors at the next concours!

I created extra-websites for some of the cars, please have a look:

Aston-Martin DB4 GT "Jet", 1961
Bentley T1 Coupé Pininfarina, 1968
Lamborghini 3500GTZ Zagato, 1965
Lamborghini Flying Star II, 1966

Aston-Martin DB4GT

This Aston-Martin DB4GT Zagato was shown at Schwetzingen,
but the photo I have taken some years earlier, at the
Nürburgring, after a race of historic cars.

Alfa-Romeo Ghia Aigle

An Alfa-Romeo 1900SS, bodied by Ghia-Aigle, in 1956.

1951 AlfaAlfa-Romeo 6C2500SS
1951 Supergioiello

Built in 1951, the Alfa-Romeo 6C2500SS Supergioiello.

Alfa-Romeo1950 Villa D'Este
Alfa-Romeo 6C2500SS Villa D'Este

And another Alfa-Romeo, it's a 6C2500SS Villa D'Este, a model of 1950.

Bentley 1962Bentley S2 Continental
Bentley Park Ward Drophead Coupé

A Park Ward bodied Bentley S2 Continental Drophead Coupé, built in 1962.

Bugatti Atlantique

Unfortunately this is not an original one.
It's a Bugatti T57SC Atlantique, the original was built in 1937.

Bugatti 1937

In my opinion one of the most beautiful bodies, ever built.

Bugatti T57SC Atlantique

Even if the car is based on an original Bugatti chassis, it's not an original Atlantique, and so it shouldn't be shown on a Concours D'Elegance...

Ferrari 250MM

There have to be some Ferraris on a Concours D'Elegance,
this is a 250MM (Mille Miglia), from 1953.

Ferrari 342 America
Pininfarina 342 America Cabriolet

And here we have a 342 America, built in the same year. (Chassis: 0248AL)
This car was featured in the German car-magazine "Motor Klassik" (3/2000).
Actually it had a 375-engine, because the owner of a very similar car (Chassis: 0234AL),
King Leopold of Belgium complained about the original 342-engine.
He wanted to have more power...

Fiat 8V
Fiat Otto Vu

At least as beautiful as a Ferrari, as rare as a Ferrari,
but it's "only" a Fiat.
It's a Fiat 8V.

Franay Bentley
Bentley MK VI Franay

One of the most impressive cars at Schwetzingen,
the Franay-bodied Bentley Mk VI, built in 1947.
This unique car was featured in "Collectible Automobile", issue 2/2002.


Mercedes was the special-make of 2001.

RR Phantom IBarker Tourer 1929
Rolls-Royce Phantom I 1929

There were also Rolls-Royce cars at Schwetzingen.
For example, this Phantom I, bodied in 1929, by Barker.

Rolls-RoycePhantom II?

And here, I think we have a Phantom II, but I'm not sure.
If you know more, please email

Talbot Lago

Last, but not least:
Talbot Lago T150SS "Figoni & Falaschi", 1938

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