European Concours D'Elegance
Schwetzingen 2003

Class I
History of Alfa-Romeo
pre 1970

Alfa-Romeo RLSS Targa Florio, 1924

Alfa-Romeo 6C 1750GS Grand Sport Zagato, 1930

Alfa-Romeo 6C 1750GS Touring Spider, 1933

Alfa-Romeo 8C 2600MM Touring Spider, 1934

Alfa-Romeo 2900MM Corsa Spider, 1936

Alfa-Romeo 2900B Touring Berlinetta, 1937
1st in Class

Alfa-Romeo 6C 2300B Castagna Cabriolet, 1937

Alfa-Romeo 6C 2300MM Touring Berlinetta, 1939
picture of 2002
2nd in Class
(2002: Best of Show)

Alfa-Romeo 6C 2500SS 256Corsa Spider Touring, 1939

Alfa-Romeo 6C 2500SS T256C Pininfarina Spider, 1939

Alfa-Romeo 6C 2500SS Touring Coupé, 1949

Alfa-Romeo 1900SS Touring Coupé, 1954

Alfa-Romeo 1900CSS Zagato Coupé, 1955
3rd in Class

Alfa-Romeo Giulietta Spider Bertone Prototype, 1956

Alfa-Romeo 2600 Touring Spider, 1963

Alfa-Romeo 2600 Sprint Bertone Coupé, 1963

Alfa-Romeo Giulia SS Sprint Speciale Coupé Bertone, 1963

Alfa-Romeo Giulia 1600 Pininfarina Spider, 1965

Alfa-Romeo Sprint GTC Bertone Cabrio, 1966

Alfa-Romeo Tipo 33 Periscopo, 1967

Alfa-Romeo GT Bertone Coupé, 1969

Alfa-Romeo Tipo 33/2 Targa Florio Prototyp, 1970

Alfa-Romeo Montreal, 1972
Definitely not in condition for a concours, even cars of the category "never restored original cars" were in better shape!

Alfa-Romeo Junior-Zagato 1600GT, 1973

European Concours 2003

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