other media-appearences

The following list is, of course, not a complete list of media-appearences of Stutzes,
on TV, in movies, or videos:

"To Tell The Truth", episode 120-4, taped in 1972
one of the contestants in this show was James D. O'Donnell

Columbo: Forgotten Lady
in a veeery short moment, you can see a 1971 Blackhawk (silver or white),
actually you can only see the split windshield, and the freestanding headlight

Columbo: Murder under glass
the murderer drives a Blackhawk, at least in one scene there is a wonderful front-shot...

"Chico and the man"
about 1972/73
Chico is a mechanic, and Sammy Davis Jr. brings his 72 Blackhawk in.
about 25 minutes the Stutz is the main actor in that episode!
(Best scene: when Chico opens the hood,
he tells that he can't see the engine because of all the diamonds on the carburetor...)

"Gone in 60 seconds"
a 1972 Blackhawk, still with LXX tires is one of the stolen cars

"Wonderwoman", episode 2.06
in the background you can see a light-green Blackhawk

"Viva Knievel"
here you can see Evel Knievel's Blackhawk

a Blackhawk can be seen in that thriller with Nicolas Cage

"Charlie's Angels"

"This is Elvis"
 according to Serge Hudon: this is the only movie that you can see an Elvis impersonator driving Elvis' Stutz

"The Junkman"
 according to Serge Hudon: cameo appearence of a 1975(?) Stutz Blackhawk

"Night Shift"
according to Serge Hudon: only film where you can see a 4-door Stutz

"Auto, Motor und Sport TV"
German TV-segment, September, 5th, 1999
featuring a IV-Porte, preowned by Thomas H. Heard

"Never Die Alone"
some wonderful pictures of a 1975 Blackhawk

William Hung: "She bangs"
music-video, 2004
featuring a Bearcat II

Car & Driver TV
featuring Butch Sedlow's 1972 Blackhawk

Dream Car Garage / Speed Channel
featuring Branko Kavcic's 1969 Blackhawk prototype, and Adrian Chadwick's 1976 Blackhawk

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