Defender, Gazelle, Bear

In 1984, Stutz started to develop an armoured car, based on a standard Chevrolet Suburban.

The result looked like this:

.Gazelle with machine-gun

Stutz Gazelle

Gazelle interior

Gazelle gun

The Defender, later renamed into Gazelle, had a machine gun as standard equipment...
Well, it was made for military purpose, for example in Saudi Arabia.

Stutz Bear

The Bear, a four-door convertible was built 46 times.

Stutz Bear
photo available at TK Automobilia

Clients were the Royal Guard of Saudi Arabia,

Bear, top closed
photo available at TK Automobilia

and King Hassan of Marocco.

Bear interior
photo available at TK Automobilia


In 2009, I got the following photos:

Royal Guard script

These photos, taken by Hatem Shammari show some interesting details!

Bear wheel

The running boards are missing, hopefully they are in the trunk.

Stutz Bear Royal Guard

Back, in August 2008, I got this photo, most likely showing the same car.
Interesting to see that the car is named "Royal Guard", not Bear...
Well, it had to guard a Royal, the King of Saudi Arabia, and so it also had to guard a Stutz Royale.

Royal Guard rear

In January 2009, I got in contact with Alrammal Abdulrahman, he took a photo of "Royal Guard", too.

The canvas-top seems to be darker, and fits better, in addition to that the car was shown at a different location, with a different license-plate, so it's perhaps another car...

In late 2009, a friend discovered two very interesting photos.
One is showing a "Bear" with a fixed roof,
and in a color that I haven't seen before on a car of the Saudi Arabian Royal Guard.

Bear Hardtop

The other one is even more interesting,
showing some sort of a combination between the Royale Limousine and the Bear-SUV.

6-door Bear

This car, also based on the Chevrolet Suburban, shows freestanding headlights, like on the "normal" Stutzes. In addition to that there are vents behind the front-wheel, and the chrome trimline, imitating the standard Stutz trimline. And of course... it's a SIX DOOR!

Bear interior

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