Stutz D'Italia
photos by Dan Steckler


Dan Steckler worked for the Stutz dealership in California.

under construction

In 1976, the dealership had the idea to convert a non-selling green Blackhawk into the very first Stutz Convertible.

adjusting the canvas top

Perhaps one reason was that Rolls-Royce started the production of the Camargue,
so the standard Blackhawk wasn't the most expensive production car anymore.

soon a convertible

The conversion of a coupe into a convertible is not just to cut off the roof.


As usual, Dan did also a lot of detailing in the interior.

soon the most expensive car

Creating a canvas-top for a unique convertible is also a very special job.


The roll-out, before the car was sold to Evel Knievel.

Stutz D'Italia

Very impressive, like every Stutz...


The real convertible feeling, without a roll-bar.

Stutz D'Italia Convertible

The roll-bar was added to the production convertible, named Bearcat, due to safety laws.


Unfortunately, we still don't have the VIN of this car.

Knievels's Stutz

Another Stutz with license plate "Stutz 1"...


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