Model 1:43
1971 Stutz Blackhawk, by PremiumX
Limited Edition by ModelCarWorld, red/silver

The first limited edition series is also the first "phantasy" model, with no real existing car in mind.

ModelCarWorld, the distributor of PremiumX models in Germany is responsible for this special series.

The pedestal shows some basic info on the model.

In early ads of PremiumX they showed a picture of the Stutz that was owned by Wilson Pickett,
which shows a similar red color, but is no two-tone car. (Besides the fact that the Pickett-Stutz is a 1974 Blackhawk, not a 1971...)

The two-tone color-scheme really looks great, the silver-grey allows to see more details than the dark versions of the black #7 car, or the George Norman variation.

Interesting to see that this model is limited to 750 examples,
I wonder how many of the unlimited models were produced.

Still, some of the details are not correct, like the big door handles, and the spare wheel, which really is the most negative detail on the model (in my eyes).






Here the Blackhawk is next to the Dunham Corvorado that was featured in a James Bond movie.