1984 Stutz Victoria
# 1G 3AN 69Y 3CM 137108

In summer 2003, there was an interesting auction at Ebay,
four Stutzes were offered in one lot.
This car was included,
but only file photos were shown, showing a "standard" Stutz Victoria, in a similar color.

1982 Victoria

In March 2004, I discovered the car, offered by Beverly Classic Car.
One year later, the car was offered by The San Diego Collection. Later the car disappeared, again, in the inventory of the Stutz Motor Car Company. At least the ad included some pictures of the car.

1982 Stutz

Do you see the difference to all the other Stutz Victorias?
Have a look at Mr. Loucks' car, or the car of Mr. Douthitt, or the Geneva Show Car.
Well, it's quite easy, the difference is: this Victoria has sidepipes!

This Stutz is based on a chassis of 1982.

The Victoria model was presented in 1984, so I think this is an early one.

 Perhaps it's the first one, because all others don't show any sidepipes...

In 2017, the car was offered, again, and was sold to Germany.

The new owner, Mr. Michael Stutz (great family name!) owns already a 1978 Blackhawk, and just had bought a 1972 Blackhawk one week before.

A look at the dashboard, pure luxury,

and the passenger still can have a look on the original TV from the 1980's!

The car never was registered before, and so Michael Stutz is now added to the first-owners-list!

At Cologne, two Victorias, face to face. Very impressive!

These two Victorias were shown at the Stutz Special Show at Retro Classics Cologne 2018!

One day after the show, the Victoria took part at a special photo-session.

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1972 Blackhawk

1978 Blackhawk

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