Dunham Coach
Caballista Convertible

In 2005, I saw a Dunham Corvorado, and a Caballista, which attended as Non-Stutzes our 2nd Stutz-Meet.

At the 2007 Stutz-Meet, Les Dunham presented something very special,
a modified Stutz Bearcat II, so I came in contact with Paul Staks, the current owner of this Caballista Convertible.

At the moment, we don't know to many details about the history of this car, but we are working on that.

We know that there are only 5 Caballista Convertibles,
so it should be quite easy to find out which production-number this car shows.

The white paint-job, in combination with the chrome trim, makes the car elegant.

But it's still a sporty car, based on a Chevrolet Corvette.

These photos were taken by Paul Staks.


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1979 Caballista
1980 Caballista
2005 Caballista
1st Caballista Convertible
Corvorado (#2)
Corvorado (#7)
Stutz Bearcallista