IAA 2007
German Motor Show
first pictures (part IV: France)


Citroen C-Cactus

Peugeot RCZ

Citroën C-Airscape
Citroën continues the series of names for concept cars starting with a "C".
The C-Airscape is a convertible for four persons.

Heuliez, a French coachbuilder presented a Peugeot based four-door-convertible.

Peugeot presented the all new 308.

Another premiere, but already still a concept, the 308 Station Wagon, the concept car is named Prologue.

Not new, but still impressing,
the Peugeot 908RC.

A very sporty sedan.

Since a couple of years, Peugeot shows the winners of a design competition.

The Flux is the new winner.
And when I have a look at this picture, I think it's a new version of the Mercer Cobra.

But built by Peugeot, not the Copper Association, not even a plastic association built it.

Interesting design, created to love it, but no chance for going into production.

PGO, normally known as builder of Porsche 356 replicas presented the P22.

A nice sporty coupe, that has chances to get modified into a convertible,
powered by a Peugeot engine, that will be loacted in the rear.

Renault showed a concept for a Kangoo Compact.

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