Virgil M. Exner, jr.
The Spynx-Project
The Royale-Designs

The rear-design, and the roof-line are similar to the basic Spynx-Project, but the Royale is a luxury Limousine, in the tradition of the first Royales, which were built by Bugatti, or the later Stutz Royale.

The all-black Royale is impressive, but the two-tone one shows more of the "Coach"-like design-elements,
and of course there is a visible spare-wheel, on both cars.

A different, more classic rear-design is shown by the next sketch,
a fastback on a states-limo is perhaps for some old-fashioned kings, or presidents to sporty...

Well, this is the ultimate car for a garage,
anyway if this is located in Saudi Arabia, Gabon, or Brunei.

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