International Motor Show
Geneva 2004

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Concept Cars and One-Offs

Alfa-Romeo 8C Competizione

Bitter modified the car of 2003, now the steering wheel is placed correctly (left side), the car has more power, and it was repainted.

Citroën C4 Sport

Presented at Frankfurt 2003, the Citroën C-Airlounge, now in a new color, for better photos

Another revival car. Now Fiat revives the Cinquecento

Toyota Fine-N

Honda HSC, it will replace the NS-X

The Honda Imas... URGS!

Hyundai..., ehhh, at the moment, I can't remember the name...

Ital Design Visconti, based on an Alfa-Romeo

The Opel Insignia, well known from Frankfurt 2003

A new model by Maserati, the MC12, based on the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari

An MG, based on the old Qvale

Nissan Qashqai

Opel Trixx

Peugeot 407 Silhouette

Range Rover Stormer

Rinspeed Splash, initiated by F. Rinderknecht, and his stuff (9 persons!),
interesting fact, a company from Faellanden (where I live) did the bodywork!

Saab 93-X

Sbarro Tornado, based on a Ferrari Maranello, sold to a Swiss car enthusiast.
The front has styling elements of the Ferrari Testarossa (the old one), and also the Rinspeed One,
the rear uses the rear-lights of the New Beetle...

Sbarro Pluriel V6

Another Sbarro, based on an old Mercedes SL600

Fiat Multipla, 6-door, made by Sbarro

Another Sbarro, a modified Peugeot

Stola presented a lengthened Lancia Thesis

Suzuki S-Ride

Suzuki Landbreeze, looking like a Jeep...

Toyota's car for Playstation

The Ford Visos, I have seen the car at Frankfurt

Ital Design Volta, using Toyota parts

VW Concept C, the coming Golf Convertible

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