What happened earlier?

Stutz sticker

In June 1999, I created with the help of J.H. my "Stutz-Homepage".
During the following months, I made several changes and added a lot of pictures and facts.

In February 2000, J.H. added a webcounter on my website.
Within seven months, my start-site was visited 1100 times; my Blackhawk-page was visited almost 500 times.

In October 2000, I renewed my homepage completely and moved it to the Fortunecity-server.

October, 8th: added registry and original sales literature, photos of Elvis' Stutzes added
October, 9th: "What's new?"-website updated  ;-)
October, 12th: added counter
October, 14th: pictures of two cars added
                       1974 2K57Y4P211407
                       1977 2K57K7P351685
October, 15th: added collectibles "stamps"
October, 23th: added guestbook (old entries are still there), please sign it
October, 28th: renewed website of original sales-literature, added scans of two items
October, 29th: added 1969 prototype to registry

November, 12th: added two HotWheels to the modelcars-website,
                           photo of James D. O'Donnell added to the company-website
November, 15th: added Blackhawk on "For Sale"-website
November, 16th: added picture of "Curd Jürgens"-stamp
November, 26th: added three cars to registry
                           1971 276579P167300
                           1974 2K57Y4P161835 (new pictures)
                           1974 2K57Y4P211377
                           1974 2K57Y4P222876
                           (that means a green Blackhawk of 1971 and three white Blackhawks from 1974,
                           two of them with the rare Vega-lights)
                           two new items on the website of original sales-literature
                           two more cars for sale

December, 15th: IV-Porte of Kenny Rogers was sold, so I added some pictures of Bob's Classics.

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