Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este 2011
Mini exhibition

At the Pavillon of Villa Erba, Mini, a company owned by BMW, showed some special Minis.
The BMW art-cars are famous, but Mini has some, too...

Created to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Mini, several artists were asked to create their own special-Mini car.

David Bowie created a totally chromed Mini.

Kate Moss designed the following Spider-Web-Mini, and...

... Paul Smith did one, showing the typical color-stripes.

Several years later, Mini decided to support the biggest Anti-AIDS event in Europe, the "Life-Ball" at Vienna, Austria:

In 2003, Angela Missoni created a very colorful example of the new Mini generation.

One year later, in 2004, Gianfranco Ferré created this Mini Convertible for the same event.

In 2010, Mini sponsored the Life-Ball with three Minis, one was created by Kenneth Cole.

Another one was created by Diane Von Furstenberg...
 So Mini really has some art-cars, too!

Class A
Closed for Comfort
Class B
Open Sky
Class C
Fifties Chic
Cars for the Jet Set
Class D
A New Dawn
Small Car, Big Performance
Class E
Swinging Sixties Style
Class F
The Birth of the Supercar
Class G
Masters of Creativity
Class H
Colours and Speed
Post War Racing Icons
Class P
Concept Cars and Prototypes
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RM Auction pre 1945
RM Auction past 1945
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