Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este 2011
Historic Motorcycles

For the very first time, the organizers of the Concours D'Elegance Villa D'Este showed a special exhibition of motorcycles at Villa Erba.

BMW, main sponsor, and motorcycle-producer wants to establish a Concours for 2-wheelers, a good idea,
but I have to admit that I'm absolutely not interested in motorcycles... Sorry...

I didn't even manage to take at least one photo of each motorbike that was shown...
I hope that the enthusiasts forgive me that I just show the pictures that I have taken, without any comment,
at least I was able to identify the differencses between a Harley-Davidson and a Vespa...

Class A: Pioneers from the Period before 1917

1910 F.N. 5HP

1910 Pierce Four

1910 Wilkinson Touring Auto Cycle

1910 Husqvarna Moto-Reve

1915 Militaire Autocycle

1916 Pope Twin

Class B: Design and Engineering 1920 - 1939

1920 Wooler Model B

1928 DKW ZSW 500

1930 Ascot-Pullin

1932 MGC

1934 Ardie RBK 503 Meran

1936 Alcyon 306A

Class C: Glamour

1932 Brough Superior Four
1936 BMW R17

1937 Indian 4

1938 Harley-Davidson EL

1957 Moto Guzzi Falcone Corazzieri

1967 Clymer-Münch Mammoth IV

Class D: Racing and Records

1950 Dearden-Vincent

1954 Moto Guzzi 4 Cilindri Gran Premio

1955 BMWMotorcycle with Sidecar World-Record

1957 Moto Guzzi 350 Bialbero

1960 MV Agusta 350-4

1993 Britten V1000

Class E: Design Icons in Series

1955 Motom 98T
in background: 1956 Aermacchi Chimera

1963 Velocette Vogue

1968 Norton Commando

1973 Triumph X75 Hurricane

1975 MV Agusta 350S Ipotesi

Special Exhibition: Design Studies and Prototypes

1934 BMW R7

2009 BMW Concept 6

2010 Husqvarna Mille 3

1968 Ducati 500

2010 Ducati Diavel

Class A
Closed for Comfort
Class B
Open Sky
Class C
Fifties Chic
Cars for the Jet Set
Class D
A New Dawn
Small Car, Big Performance
Class E
Swinging Sixties Style
Class F
The Birth of the Supercar
Class G
Masters of Creativity
Class H
Colours and Speed
Post War Racing Icons
Class P
Concept Cars and Prototypes
RM Auction Bertone
RM Auction pre 1945
RM Auction past 1945
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BMW exhibition
Mini exhibition
Rolls-Royce exhibition
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