What happened in 2013?


Five Stutzes were added to the registry!

January, 13th:
- added a 1980 IV-Porte to the registry, thanks to Stefan Stoykov
- added a Victoria to the website for Mystery Stutzes, searching for the VIN, thanks to Stefan Stoykov
- a 1985 Victoria has a new owner, Glenn Scheltens
- a 1976 Blackhawk has a new owner, hmm, it's Glenn Scheltens, too!
- a 1972 Blackhawk is now for sale
- added a website with some of some 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix models (1:43)

January, 14th:
- a 1977 Blackhawk will be auctioned in early February, Bonhams currently states a different VIN, but some new pics are now online
- a 1976 Blackhawk, owned by Gijs Hilhorst is under construction
- at the same car show, Mr. Hilhorst showed his 1971 Blackhawk

February, 17th:
- renewed website for a 1973 Blachawk, up for auction by Bonhams

February, 24th:
- added a 1972 Blackhawk to the registry, currently the car is on Ebay
- added a (1985) Victoria to the registry, removed it from the mystery-website, thanks to Stefan Stoykov
- renewed website for a 1977 Blackhawk, added some pics (thanks to Ben Erickson), and added some info

August, 11th:
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry, the car will be auctioned by Mecum Auctions. Thanks for the pics!
- updated the website of a 1971 Blackhawk, which was auctioned on Ebay, and sold to Australia
- a 1980 IV-Porte is currently on Ebay

November, 3rd:
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry

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