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What happened in 2003?

In 2003, 22 Stutzes were added to the registry, but the main theme (looking back) was the idea of having a Stutz Meet at Graceland. I had another idea, creating a forum, but due to several problems, the idea failed, and shortly after I put it online, I had to give up the idea. Perhaps later...

January, 6th:
- I just put a new website online, showing Bill's 1973 Blackhawk, there are a lot of new pictures!
- I also had to renew the registry, and the link-website... ;o)

January, 12th:
- added a design proposal for a 1967 Stutz Bearcat. Just one word: WOW!
- added some more information about Virgil Exner, jr., more information about his Lightning Rod
- added his posters for the Elliott Museum Car Show of 1998, and 1999, including a sketch of his father for a Stutz ad of 1929!

January, 26th:
- new pictures of Jim Milliken's 1975 Blackhawk

February, 9th:
- new entries to the registry, one car more interesting, and beautiful than the other:
1971 Blackhawk, silver / black
1971 Blackhawk, pre-owned by Dick Martin
1974 Blackhawk, pre-owned by Greg Ryckman (sorry, no pictures, yet), (thanks to Mr. Ryckman! He pre-owned all these cars, and gave me this information)
1974 Blackhawk, owned by Mr. Lewis, (thanks to G. Cochrane!)
1984 Victoria, owned by Mr. J.W. Loucks, (thanks to B. Loucks for the photos, and the information!)
- new design rendering for the Stutz Royale, (thanks to Paolo Martin!)
- new photos of Sammy Davis' 1972 Blackhawk, and Evel Knievel's 1974 Blackhawk. (thanks to G. Cochrane!)

February, 10th:
- new information about the 1969 prototype, now owned by Mr. G. Ryckman
- new photos of a 1974 Blackhawk

March, 2nd:
- added two VINs (sorry, no pictures) of 1971 Blackhawks to the registry
- Corrente's 1975 Blackhawk was sold to Paul Casey, who owns also a 1971 model
- Ken Bist sent me a lot of pictures:
Renwal Revival Cars (Packard, Mercer, Bugatti)
Renwal Stutz
Renwal Duesenberg
modified HotWheels

March, 16th:
- added pictures of Paul Casey's 1971 Blackhawk
- added Ken Bist's Blackhawk, a model in scale 1:24

April, 6th:
- added a press-release of 1979
- added a sitemap, for easier navigation, and to check out, if you have found all websites ;o)
There is still a lot of material to be added, but at the moment I'm really busy... Sorry!

April, 8th:
- relocated a 1976 Blackhawk, again for sale

April, 13th:
- added a 1977 Blackhawk to the registry (only the VIN, hopefully I will get some photos soon)
- added pictures of a 1986 Victoria, that was sold at Ebay
- added a scan of a Pontiac invoice for Gary Cochrane's 1974 Stutz Blackhawk

April, 23rd:
- added 2 postcards (thanks to Bengt Dahlgren)
- added 2 collector-cards, showing Elvis' Stutzes at Graceland
- added 2 photos of Elvis' pre-production Blackhawk (thanks to Ebay, and Stutz3)

April, 27th:
- added a 1978 Blackhawk to the registry
- pictures of that beautiful 1977 Blackhawk have arrived
- added website about the Chrysler Letter Cars, designed by Virgil Exner

April, 28th:
- added  photos of a wonderful split-windshield Blackhawk, preowned by Elvis?

May, 25th:
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to the registry, and to the Horror-website
- added new information, and pictures of a 1974 Blackhawk
- added pictures of a Chrysler 300G to the "Letter Cars"-website
- added a postcard to the 1966 Duesenberg website

June, 4th:
- added a 1979 IV-Porte to the registry, it's for sale
- added a 1972 Blackhawk to the registry
- added information, and pictures of Nils Mahler's 1973 Blackhawk

June 15th:
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to the registry, preowned by Johnny Cash? Thanks to Mr. D. Amy
- added some documents for a 1976 Blackhawk, thanks to Serge Hudon
- added some photos of a 1974 Blackhawk, thanks to Gary Cochrane
- added two items to the collectibles-website

June, 20th:
- created an extra website for the auction-cars
- added the cars to the registry

June, 28th:
- added a beautiful 1977 Blackhawk to the registry
- added a magazine (Special Interest Cars Sept/Oct 1975) to the magazine-list
- added a very interesting link to the website about Mr. Exner, jr.
(Imperial Homepage, Exner junior talking about his father)

July, 13th:
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale
- added a website for a 1961 Imperial Convertible "Shriner Edition", designed by Exner
- added the VIN of Elvis' Blackhawk prototype, thanks to B. Banker
- added new information about Dick Martin's 1971 Blackhawk
- added new pictures of Evel Knievel's 1974 Blackhawk, owned by John Palermo

July, 20th:
- just a small addition, but very interesting: there are plans for a Stutz Meet at Graceland, please, don't hesitate to be listed!

I was busy in adding several websites of the European Concours, no Stutzes, but a lot of other interesting cars, perhaps you are interested to have a look at a non-Stutz-website...

July, 27th:
- renewed website for 2004 Stutz Meet
- added scans of a brochure, showing the Stutz plant, back in 1972, thanks to S. Hudon
- added pictures of a 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

July, 28th:
- the 1986 Victoria has a new owner, welcome Mr. Douthitt, he will show the car at the 2004 Stutz Meet at Graceland

August, 26th:
- another car is listed for the Stutz Meet in 2004! :o)

August, 27th:
- another entry for the Stutz Meet 2004! :o)
At the moment, that 1974 Blackhawk is under restoration, I will add some photos, next week
- two Stutzes were sold, so I removed them from the "For Sale"-website
(1974 Blackhawk, preowned by R. Rhoades, and 1983 IV-Porte from Germany)
soon I will come up with new information

September, 7th:
- two Stutzes were sold, a 1974 Blackhawk, and a 1983 IV-Porte
- the new owner of the 1974 Blackhawk wanted to be listed for the Stutz Meet
- some new articles were added to the list of magazines
Robb Report featured the Exner Bugatti,
a German magazine showed an interesting photo,
and two articles from Road & Track, March 1965, and April 1970
- three postcards were added to the postcard-website
- added an extra website about a Stutz-owner, George Norman, jr.
- added an extra website, showing restoration-photos of Gerry Bianco's 1974 Blackhawk
- added some information about the DeSoto Cella I, a concept, developed, when Exner was director of styling
- added an extra website about a Blackhawk, seen at the Concorso Italiano 2003, seeking for information
- thanks to R. Rhoades: there are some pictures of a 1984 Bearcat
- thanks to Sonny West: I'm able to present the true (and funny) story how Elvis got his very first Stutz

September, 28th:
- renewed the website for the Stutz-Meet-2004, Paul Casey is now listed, with two cars
- added a non-Stutz-website, showing Paul Casey in concert
- some new pictures (taken by Gary Cochrane) of the 1976 Blackhawk, preowned by D. Stelzner
- added a scan of a letter from the Stutz Company to D. Stelzner to the Sales-Literature-website

October, 8th:
- added a 1982 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale
- a Swiss Blackhawk was sold, to Spain

October, 12th:
The Stutz-Forum
please have a look at my forum,
don't hesitate to post messages, to do stutzy talk!
I also created two websites, concerning the forum:
- the stutzy avatars
- navigation-support for the forum
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to the registry, preowned by Johnnie Taylor
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry
both cars are for sale

November, 2nd:
- new photos, showing Tony Grova's 1974 Blackhawk
- additional photos of 1971 Duplex, thanks to Adrian

November, 16th:
- added a 1980 IV-Porte to the registry
- 1974 Blackhawk, Ex-Ruocco car was sold at Ebay
- added two articles to the literature list:
1.) this article was written by Bengt Dahlgren, for the Swedish Elvis Fan Club Magazine
2.) an article about the 1955 Chrysler Falcon, designed by Virgil Exner, sr.

November, 30th:
- added B. Granheim to the list for the Stutz Meet 2004
- added two pictures of a British Blackhawk under restoration
- added a 1971 Blackhawk to the registry, it belonged to Lucy Ball, it's for sale
- added a picture (showing the new color) of a 1974 Blackhawk that is under restoration

December, 24th:
- I had to add some names to the "Hall of Fame"
(sorry, I can't list all...)
- new photos of O'Donnell's 1969 prototype, thanks to the current owner, Mr. Greg Ryckman
- new photos of the Swedish 1971 Blackhawk, thanks to Bengt Dahlgren
- new photos of a 1971 Blackhawk, preowned by Greg Ryckman, thanks to Richard Rhoades
- added a 1971 Blackhawk Hardtop / Convertible to the registry (VIN is still missing, but the car is unique...), thanks to Richard Rhoades
- added actual pictures of Dean Martin's 1972 Blackhawk, thanks to Joe Stormont
- renewed website of a 1974 Blackhawk, the car is now owned by Frank Military (Congratulation!)
- Gerry Bianco finished the restoration of his 1974 Blackhawk, added new pics
- relocated a 1975 Blackhawk, added some photos, thanks to Brian Matthews
- added a new photo album, Tony Alvarez was the first, and only Stutz mechanic, his son sent me some photos, and some interesting information (Great! I'd like to see, and hear more!!!)
- added some collector-items
Bengt Dahlgren sent me a scan of an interesting pin,
Ken Bist sent me a stutzy belt-buckle (WOW!!!)
Serge Hudon built a stutzy diorama, have a look
- added a special-website, dedicated to the Bayliff Packard Revival cars,
one of these Packards will join the Stutz Meet, thanks to Patrick Martin
- and I have changed the FORUM, official language is now English, so there is no excuse anymore to register, and to get in contact, to tell a lot of stutzy stories!

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