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What happened in 2001?

In more than 50 updates there were more than 30 cars added to the registry,
not to tell all the other very interesting additions.
My favorites are the story, written by James D. O'Donnell,
and the design sketches of Paolo Martin.

Thanks to all Stutz-fans and owners, who supported my website with
a lot of information and wonderful pictures.

January, 14th:
- fixed some links, hopefully I got them all...
- added five cars to the registry:
1972 Blackhawk Tonneau-Back
1974 Blackhawk
1977 Blackhawk, red
1977 Blackhawk, white
1988 Bearcat II

January, 22nd:
- added scans of original sales-literature: portfolio

January, 25th:
- added pictures of Treasure Hunt HotWheels-model and Royale-kit: models

February, 1st:
- original sales literature: added big folder

February, 2nd:
- original sales literature: added small folder
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to the registry (car is for sale at Corrente's Cadillac Corner)

February, 5th:
- new (color!) picture of Exner's Bugatti
- added another 1975 Blackhawk to the registry

February, 16th:
- added three cars to "For Sale"-website
- added two black 1977 Blackhawks to registry:
2K 57K 7P 231950
2K 57K 7P 326770 (Swiss car, for sale)

February, 21st:
- renewed the "Portfolio"-website, the missing page 2 isn't missing anymore...

February, 25th:
- added website about 1965 Mercer-Cobra
- added a 1972 Blackhawk to registry
- renewed website of Revival Cars (added three scans)
- renewed website of 1974 Blackhawk VIN: 2K 57Y 4P 211407
- renewed website of 1975 Blackhawk VIN: 2K 57W 5P 227431
- renewed website of magazine articles
- renewed website of Plymouth XNR
- renewed list of first owners

March, 25th:
- renewed start-page
- renewed website of model-cars
- created "HELP!"-website

March, 29th:
- new facts about the car of Curd Jürgens
- had to change registry (car seems to be a 1977 one, not a 1979)
- added this car to the "For Sale"-website

March, 30th:
- added a 1985 Bearcat (!!!) to the registry

April, 10th:
- updated registry
- updated magazine literature
- updated "For Sale"-website

April, 22nd:
- new item on original sales literature

April, 24th:
- renewed website of Sammy Davis, jr
- new picture on "1966 Duesenberg"-website

April, 27th:
- Sammy Davis, jr., now showing the picture in color
- picture of Liberace with Stutz
- pictures of Dean Martin with his Stutz
- new websites showing press-photos
Blackhawk 1971 (3 pictures)
Blackhawk 1972 (2 pictures)
Duplex (3 pictures)

May, 1st:
- new pics of the "Hongkong"-model

May, 3rd:
- added 2 photos to 1975 Blackhawk VIN 2K57W5P227431
- added website, showing Dick Martin and his 1971 Blackhawk

May, 7th:
- new pictures showing press-photos of Blackhawk 1971, 1972 and Duplex
- picture of Isaac Hayes

May, 10th:
- renewed "For Sale"-website, (removed one car, added a Blackhawk, a Bearcat and the Duplex)
- renewed registry, added VINs of cars that belonged to Evel Knievel and Sammy Davis, jr. (updated their websites)
- added a 1974 Blackhawk
- added press-pictures of 1972(?) Blackhawk, one is showing a car with Jules Meyers
- added a 1972 Blackhawk Convertible and a 1974 Blackhawk Convertible Thanks to R. Rhoades for these wonderful pictures

May, 26th:
- renewed "For Sale"-website
- added a 1978 Blackhawk Convertible
- new facts on the website of the Swedish 1971 Blackhawk
- new website: Swedish Elvis-fan and Stutz-owner met the "KING"

June, 6th:
- added two cars to the registry: 1983 Bearcat, 1983 IV-Porte, please have a look at these super pictures of two super cars
- renewed "For Sale"-website

June, 17th:
- renewed "For Sale"-website (added two cars)
- added a Japanese 1979 Bearcat to registry
- added new pictures to website, showing Carl H. Lindner's 1979 Bearcat (Thanks to Bob Craig)
- added some items to the "Original Sales Literature"-website
Invitation for 1981 Waldorf Astoria presentation of Victoria and Diplomatic
Press Release 1972
Press Release 1974
Bearcat II Press Release
letter, stating that the Bearcat II is NO kit-car
- added a rear-view of a 1973 Blackhawk

July, 1st:
- added three brochures to "Original Sales Literature"
sales sheet of a blue IV-Porte
Stutz related pages of a Monaco dealer-brochure
Stutz related pages of a "Sunshine State's Convertible Heaven"-brochure

July, 15th:
- new website, showing better scans, and VIN of the Diplomatica
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to registry and "For Sale"-website
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to registry and "For Sale"-website
- added English version of "Sunshine State's Convertible Heaven"-brochure
- renewed "For Sale"-website (some pictures were downsized for quicker upload)

July, 22nd:
- renewed website "German Blackhawk", the car is sold
- renewed "For Sale" website
- renewed "Virgil M. Exner" website, added an autograph
- renewed Duplex photo website, added photo of interior
- renewed "Magazine Literature" website, added an article of "Popular Mechanics"

July, 25th:
- added factory picture of white 1971 Blackhawk
- added factory picture of 1972 Blackhawk
- added one car to registry (sorry, only VIN, no pictures)

August, 5th:
- renewed "For Sale"-website (one car is sold, one is for sale again)
- added a picture of two modified HotWheels

August, 12th:
- renewed "Horror"-website
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry
- added some photos to VIN 2K57K7P231950
- added a sales sheet to original sales-literature, showing a Convertible and a Blackhawk (front / rear)

August, 14th:
- found out the VIN of the German turquoise-colored Bearcat II, renewed registry
- added a magazine ad to website of original-sales-literature

August, 16th:
- added another sales-sheet to the website of original-sales-literature

August, 26th:
- added a Finnish magazine to list of magazine-articles
- added a 1977 Blackhawk to the registry
- added a letter from Mr. O'Donnell to website of original-sales-literature
- added ten scans of original Duesenberg literature (letters, fact-sheets, invitation, ad)

August, 28th:
- created an extra website, to show more photos of the Blackhawk, that I have added two days ago
- renewed the "For Sale"-website

September, 2nd:
- added pictures and VIN to 1969 Prototype-Blackhawk
- added a 1979 Blackhawk to registry, preowned by Stutz-founder, Mr. James D. O'Donnell
- renewed "For Sale"-website
- added a website, trying to explain the secret of the VINs
- added some names to list of first-owners
- added finally a website showing some material about the Pontiac Grand Prix, but I search for more...

September, 6th:
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale

September, 9th:
- renewed website of rear-design changes

September, 10th:
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale
- minor addition to Virgil M. Exner website

September, 29th:
- additional photos of the Swedish 1974 Blackhawk, the car is rolling again
- renewed VIN-website

September, 30th:
- new website, showing stutzy glasses-cases
- additional photos of Mr. Rhoades' 1974 Blackhawk
- additional detail-photos of Swedish 1975 Blackhawk, thanks to J. Vihervirta

October, 7th:
- new and better photos, showing 1974 Woodnorth-Blackhawk
- renewed "For Sale"-website, added Kenny Rogers' IV-Porte
- renewed registry, added the VIN of a 1980 IV-Porte, pictures will follow, hopefully soon...
- added a link to the old Stutz Company website

October, 8th:
- added scans of stamps, showing old Stutzes

October, 10th:
- added a 1981 IV-Porte to the registry

October, 11th:
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry

October, 14th:
- added scans of a booklet from "Sunshine's State Convertible Heaven"
company portrait
Stutz portrait
Bearcat II photo
sales list March 1992
sales list December 1993
sales list April 1996

October, 17th:
- added a scan of Dean Martin's crash-car

October, 19th:
- added two Blackhawks to the registry, a model of 1973, and one of 1977, they are for sale

October, 23rd:
- added pictures of a 1980 IV-Porte to the registry, it's for sale, by the first owner

October, 28th:
- added pictures and extra-website, showing Evel Knievel's 1974 Blackhawk
- added pictures and extra-website, showing Sammy Davis' 1972 Blackhawk
- added picture and renewed link to 1977 Blackhawk, VIN 2K 57K 7P 231862
- added a better rear view of a 1973 Blackhawk to "rear-view"-website
- added a HotWheels Convertible and pictures, showing replicas of the Hongkong-model
- reorganised start-website and created an extra website for collector-items
- added a picture of a great painting

November, 18th:
- added a 1979 Blackhawk to registry

December, 1st:
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to registry, it's for sale

December, 2nd:
- this 1974 Blackhawk was sold

December, 12th:
- added the very last Bearcat II to the "For Sale"-website
So this website is showing the very first, and  the very last Stutz for sale, and there are 33 other Stutzes for sale.

December, 19th:
new websites:
- SPECIAL: Stutz-History, written by Stutz founder James D. O'Donnell
- James D. O'Donnell
- Paolo Martin
- white brochure
- President of Gabon
- King of Saudi Arabia
- Pontiac Grand Prix 1978 (have a look at the stutzy spare-wheel!)
- Sedans (Duplex, IV-Porte, Victoria)
- Diplomatica
- Royale
- Stutz fragrance
renewed websites:
- Hall of Fame
- Bearcat
- Blackhawk
- Suburban Conversions
- company
- 1972 Blackhawk, donated for the Arthritis Foundation
- Dean Martin
- glasses cases
- owners list
- Pontiac Grand Prix
original sales literature
- magazine literature
- stamps

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