What happened in 2004?

December, 24th:

additions to the registry:
- added a 1971 Blackhawk to the registry, it's car #7, unfortunately I still don't have any photos
- added a 1981 IV-Porte to the registry, the email with VIN just arrived before the upload...
- added a 1972 Blackhawk, owned by Jim Milliken, so he now has a 1972, a 1975, and a 1981!
- added a 1982 Blackhawk that was on Ebay, thanks to G. Cochrane for taking the pictures

additions to the Exner section:
- added an extra website, showing the Stutz V.I.P.-Parade car, and its interesting story
-added a website, showing the Stutz Indy project
-added a website, showing Exner Junior's design sketches for a 2004 Stutz
- added scans of an original brochure for the Bugatti T101
thanks to Mr. Exner for his great help!!!

additions, related to the Stutz Meet:
- added new photos of the 1969 Blackhawk prototype
- added new photos of Ken Ramsey's 1971 Blackhawk
- renewed website of Adrian Chadwick's 1976 Blackhawk
- added a website for the Stutz truck
- added a website, showing Adrian Chadwick's photos of the Stutz Meet
- added a website, showing Bryan Ramsey's photos of the Stutz Meet
- added a website, showing Jim Milliken's photos of the Stutz Meet
- added a website, showing Lee Secrest's photos of the Stutz Meet
- added a website, showing stutzy memorabilia that was created for the Stutz Meet
- added an extra website for the Bayliff-Packard hearse/ambulance that attended our Meet

other additions:
- added two scans, and renewed the website of Barney Loucks' 1984 Victoria
- added new pictures of a 1975 Stutz (I don't like to add this kind of pictures!)
- added new pictures to the website for the Bayliff Packards, thanks to Ron Swartley

December, 1st:
- auction for the Stutz logos has ended

November, 26th:
- added a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale

November, 21st:
- added a 1975 Blackhawk to the registry
- added new photos of Jim Milliken's 1981 Blackhawk, renewed the 2nd website for that car

November, 18th:
- online auction updated
- new photos for the 1971 Blackhawk that is for sale at Vault Motors

November, 15th:
- I'm not Ebay, but: ONLINE AUCTION for a set of Stutz logos / wheel-centers

November, 11th:
- relocated a 1971 Blackhawk, it's for sale
- added new pictures to the website of Nils Mahler's 1973 Blackhawk, it's for sale, too

November, 7th:
- added a 1980 IV-Porte to the registry, it's for sale, in DUBAI!

October, 28th:
- added a 1972 Blackhawk to the registry, and to the for-sale-website (it's listed for an auction)
- added a 1981 IV-Porte to the registry, and to the for-sale-website

October, 20th:
- renewed website for the 1972 Blackhawk that was sold at Ebay
- new photos added to the website of David Douthitt's Victoria

and there is a new link:
MaBro's website about Stutz and Elvis
It's in German, and a lot of pictures you will know...

October, 5th:
- added new pictures of Butch Sedlow's 1972 Blackhawk
- renewed photos of Phil Iturbide's 1974 Blackhawk
- renewed photos of John Palermo's 1974 Blackhawk

September, 26th:
the update of today was possible thanks to the help of Mr. H.J. Benedict
- new pictures of his 1977 Blackhawk, which I have taken on my "Stutz-Tour"
- added an extra website for the Rolls-Royce Camargue
What's a Camargue website doing on a Stutz-Homepage?
Well, it was designed by Paolo Martin, who later designed the Stutz Royale,
the Camargue was a direct competitor to the Blackhawk (a veeeeery expensive Coupe),
and at least two Stutz owners were so fascinated by this car that they have / had both cars in their garage...
-added a picture to the 1978 Blackhawk that was the mystery car

September, 19th:
- re-renewed the Exner-Bugatti website, added pictures of the other Bugatti 101
- added new pictures of the Duplex

September, 17th:
-added some interesting pictures(!!!) to the website for the Exner-Bugatti
-added some new pictures of Richard Rhoades' 1971 Blackhawk

September, 9th:
- added new pictures of Clayton Crowe's 1975 Blackhawk
- added new pictures of a 1975 Blackhawk which is in completely different condition

September, 5th:
- added a 1972 Blackhawk to the registry, the car is for sale at Ebay
- added pictures of a 1974 Blackhawk, owned by Mike Armour
- added a website with new photos of Al Bianco's 1974 Blackhawk
- added new photos to the website of a 1980 IV-Porte
- added new photos to the website of Dee Kramer's 1976 Blackhawk

September, 3rd:
- added a 1981 IV-Porte to the registry, the car is for sale in Germany

August, 29th:
-The website for the Stutz-Meet is renewed completely,
and an additional website was created, to show the Stutz photo-session on Graceland.
A lot of work is still ahead, so a lot of pictures, and facts will be added as soon as possible.

August, 17th:
Just a very small update, to inform the Stutz-fans about the latest news.
-The Stutz-Meet is over! (Website not updated, yet...)

13 Stutzes, plus 1 Bayliff Packard came to the Meet, 3 owners came without their cars.
On my trip I saw 22(!!!) Stutzes.
And there will be a lot of Exner-additions, too!
So, in September there will be added a lot of photos, and facts.

July, 27th:
- after I had to remove the one, or the other car from the list for the Stutz Meet,
today, I can add a beautiful 1971 Blackhawk, owned by K. Ramsey!
Another Stutz owner, Mr. Loucks will be at the Meet, too, but without his car.

July, 25th:
- added some new photos of the very first Stutz Blackhawk,
thanks to Branko Kavcic, the new owner
- added a color-scan (including better quality) of the cheque for the first Pontiac
to be converted into the very first Stutz
- added a new picture of Elvis' prototype, taken at the airport, scanned by B. Kavcic

July, 15th:
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry, the first owner is part of the owners-list, AND ...
the car will be shown at the Stutz Meet!!!

July, 12th:
- added new pictures of one of Tony Grova's Stutzes

July, 11th:
Sorry, I was busy in creating new websites for showing pictures of the European Concours,
so I wasn't able to spend so much time for the Stutz homepage... :o(
Perhaps you are interested to see some pictures of fascinating non-Stutz-cars?

But here is a small, but great update for all Stutz-fans,
the Meet is going to be a Super-Event for all Stutzians:
- added a car to the Meet!
Mr. Kavcic, the new owner of the O'Donnell Blackhawk prototype
will bring his unique car to Graceland!!!

June, 20th:
- added a website, showing the Simca Special,
designed by Virgil Exner, jr. (thanks to Beau Hickory)
- renewed the Stutz Meet website

June, 13th:
- added a website, showing the first 25 pages of an owner's manual,
the rest of the scans will be done, after the Stutz Meet

June, 7th:
- added three pictures of Carl Linder's 1979 Bearcat,
stating that the car was preowned by Dean Martin, thanks to Larry Zimmer (Wonder-Years)

June, 6th:
- renewed the Stutz-Meet-website
one car was removed, four cars were added,
and we will have the possibility to take photos ON Graceland!
- added the VIN of a 1974 Blackhawk to the registry,
the owner, M. Armour will attend the Stutz Meet

June, 2nd:
- added two pictures of the 1966 Duesenberg, thanks to J. King
- renewed website for Gary Cochrane's 1974 Blackhawk, wonderful new photos
(at the moment, the old photos are still online, click here)

soon, I will renew the website for the Stutz-Meet, some new info :o)

May, 23rd:
- added an article about the Simca Special (it's for sale at Ebay!!!),
designed by Virgil Exner, jr. to the Literature list
- added some magazine articles to the website of Paolo Martin

May, 9th:
- added a 1983 IV-Porte, owned by T. Snyder, it's for sale
- the 1978 Blackhawk Convertible Conversion has a new owner

April, 18th:
- added a website with more photos of O'Donnell's prototype, taken at a Canadian auction,
thanks to A. Chadwick
- three new photos, showing Clayton Crowe's 1975 Blackhawk

April, 10th:
- added a website, showing two pictures, taken at Auto-Becker, the German Stutz dealer
Thanks to Mr. Helmut Becker!
- added a photo of Mr. O'Donnell (it's a close-up scan of one of the Becker photos)
- added a collector card, showing the Plymouth XNR, thanks to Fred Kendall

March, 30th:
- finally, pictures of a 1972 Blackhawk, now owned by L. Ødeskaug

March, 28th:
- new pictures for three Stutzes, which are already listed in the registry,
they are all for sale, two Bearcat II (car 1, car 2), and a sensational Victoria!

March, 23th:
- renewed (again) website for the Gabonese Stutz Royale

March, 14th:
- added new pictures of a restored 1986 Victoria, owned by D. Douthitt
- added new pictures of a 1976 Blackhawk, offered at Ebay, by D. Sykes
- added new details about the story how Elvis Presley got his first car, thanks to Jules Meyers
- stated Marc Treiber as owner of O'Donnell's 1979 Blackhawk

March, 8th:
Sorry for not updating the homepage,
I can tell you that I will have some interesting additions, soon!
One reason for not creating an update was that I visited the
International Motor Show of Geneva, Switzerland,
perhaps you are interested to have a look at some non-Stutz-cars,
please feel free to click here to see some of my photos.
By the way, the trip to Geneva gave me the chance to speak to the former German Stutz dealer, Mr. Auto-Becker,
so it wasn't wasted time to see the show ;o)
- after a phone call with Mr. Palermo, we have another Blackhawk for the Stutz-Meet!

Februrary, 25th:
- another car is listed for the Stutz Meet

February, 8th:
- added website with pictures of the 1981 Blackhawk that was for sale at Ebay

February, 1st:
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry, currently for sale at Ebay
- added the VIN of a 1981 Blackhawk to the registry, hopefully more to come
- the Mystery of that Blackhawk at the 2003 Concorso Italiano is solved,
thanks to a visitor of this homepage. THANKS!
- added an issue of a Swedish Comic Magazine to the list of Magazine Literature about Stutz,
thanks to Bengt Dahlgren

January, 22nd:
- scans, and pictures of Renwal Revival cars (Jordan Playboy, and Pierce Arrow)

January, 18th:
- sensational design sketch for a 1968(?) Stutz Bearcat, thanks to Fred Kendall
- added two persons to the list for the Stutz Meet

January, 11th:
- two cars have a new owner
1974 Blackhawk, now owned by Tony Grova
1976 Blackhawk, now owned by Adrian Chadwick

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