What happened in 2012?

In 2012, seven Stutzes were added to the registry, and some info was updated.

January, 29th:
- added the VIN of the D'Italia, so the car was finally added to the registry, thanks to John D'Agostino
- added (correct) photos of Dean Martin's 1972 Blackhawk Humptrunk, it was sold on Ebay
- renewed the website for a 1971 Blackhawk, it's now for sale in Germany

April, 10th:
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry
- added the VIN of another 1976 Blackhawk to the registry, too, unfortunately the car is in really bad condition, and the owner had no interest in sending any info
- added some pics, and info to the website of a 1985 Victoria

April, 29th:
- added a 1972 Blackhawk to the registry, the car is now owned by Bryan Lamp, who owned some other Stutzes before
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry
- renewed the website for a 1979 Blackhawk that was preowned by Mr. O'Donnell himself
- added a 1972 Blackhawk to the mystery-website, the car is located in Japan
- added two photos to the website of a 1976 Blackhawk, the car is under restoration

May, 1st:
- the new seller of a 1976 Blackhawk gave his O.K. to use his photos, so a website for the car that was added to the registry on April, 10th

June, 3rd:
- added a 1979 Stutz Blackhawk to the registry, it's for sale
- O'Donnell's 1979 Blackhawk has a new owner
- Jim Milliken added a 1981 Blackhawk to his collection
- Bryan Lamp sent me some photos of the 1972 Ex-Elvis Blackhawk
- a 1980 IV-Porte is featured in the current issue of a German car magazine
- replaced two pics of a 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

June, 25th:
- added a 1979 Bearcat Coupe to the registry
- renewed website for a 1972 Blackhawk, thanks to the new owner, Mr. José Zembrod, he is located in Brazil
- renewed website for a 1974 Blackhawk, also owned by Mr. Zembrod, so the first two Stutzes in Brazil...

July, 8th:
- added a 1973 Blackhawk to the registry
- added new pics to the website for Sammy Davis' 1972 Blackhawk, which is on Ebay, now
- created a website for a 1979 IV-Porte, waiting for some pics...

October, 7th:
Just a small update, sorry...
- a 1973 Blackhawk was sold to Great Britain, thanks to the new owner, Andrew Lawrence for the info
- John D'Agostino's customised 1975 Blackhawk was auctioned, thanks to John for new pics and the info
- Bryan Lamp sold his 1972 Blackhawk
- Bryan Lamp bought a 1976 Blackhawk

I came across two interesting links:
- on YouTube someone uploaded a video of the "Era of Exner Event 2007", including our third Stutz Meet
- the German car magazine "Auto Bild Klassik" now has the article about the Swiss IV-Porte online, only in German

November, 11th:
- created a website for a 1985 Blackhawk, it's for sale
- renewed the website for a 1986 Victoria, it's for sale, with some other cars, including a 1987 Lagonda

Here you can see the new additions

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