What happened in 2011?


In 2011, seven (!) Stutzes were added to the registry, thanks to all helpers!
Not so many updates, hopefully 2012 will show some more, and more regulary, I will work on that...

January, 23rd:
- added a beautiful 1972 Blackhawk to the registry, thanks to the owner, Dr. Ernest Follico
- added a 1985 Victoria to the registry, the car will be auctioned in Ft.Lauderdale, in March 2011

- added a website for a very special supersportscar, the ultimate Vector W8 TwinTurbo to the Automobile Rarities websites

January, 30th:
- added a very special 1975 Blackhawk to the registry, the car was customized by John D'Agostino, thanks to L. Ward and A. Ridderhoff
- added four pictures of a Chrysler Special, thanks to M. Maier

April, 25th:
- added some new photos of John D'Agostino's customized 1975 Blackhawk, thanks to Bjorn Granheim
- added some new photos of Jim Milliken's 1971 Blackhawk
- added some pics of Jim Milliken's 1972 Blackhawk
- added a website for another Hawk, a golden one, that resides in Jim's Garage ;o)

- created a preview-website for the 2011 Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este, one of the most beautiful, most important concours-events in Europe.
(Did you ever had a look at the websites for the 2010 Villa D'Este Event???)

May, 1st:
- added a 1985 Victoria to the registry, the car is for sale by Victory Cars
- added two pics of a 1971 Blackhawk, the restoration is completed

June, 19th:
- added a 1975 Stutz Blackhawk to the registry

- finally completed the websites for the 2011 Concorso D'Eleganza Villa D'Este, one of the best Concors D'Elegances!
Well, some text will be added during the following weeks, and some cars will get their own website...

July, 20th:
- added a very special 1985 IV-Porte to the registry

August, 8th:
- added a 1977 Blackhawk to the registry, owned by G. Hilhorst from the Netherlands
- Jim Milliken upgraded his collection from 5-Stutzes to a 6-Stutz-Collection, adding Gary Cochrane's perfect 1974 Blackhawk
- Gary Cochrane also sold his other Blackhawk
- Johannes Narum sold his 1975 Blackhawk

October, 23rd:
Just a small update, sorry, more info will follow, soon!!!
three interesting cars were auctioned by RM-Auctions at Monterey, in August:
- the Mercer Cobra sold for $ 660,000
- the Chrysler D'Elegance sold for $ 946,000
- and the Bugatti 101, bodied by Antem sold for $ 616,000

- Bengt Dahlgren showed his 1971 Blackhawk at a car show in Finland

November, 7th:
another small update, and not very "stutzy"...
- John Palermo sold his 1974 Stutz Blackhawk, preowned by Evel Knievel, the car seems to be now in France
- Alexander Beyer took some photos of a 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood, customised by Les Dunham, it is said that the car belonged to Elvis Presley...
- added a website for a Mercedes 600, this one definitely belonged to Elvis, thanks to www.traumautoarchiv.de for the photos

December, 11th:
- added a 1976 Blackhawk to the registry, no longer a mystery Stutz, the car is now owned by G. Hilhorst, who owns a 1971 Blackhawk, and a 1977 Blackhawk, too
- added a website for an Oldsmobile..., it was customized by John D'Agostino, who created also a Custom-Stutz

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